(1) an invented word describing the state of creating an artificial being with a stranger

'SYRROGISM' is a conceptual collection showcased in collaboration with Italian designer Julian Cerro as part of the Fashion Bridges - I Ponti della Moda project at Milan Fashion Week and SA Fashion Week

The collection is designed as an ode to motherhood, symbolised through two designers, virtually strangers, coming together to give birth to a fantastical range. The range explores aspects relation to motherhood, pregnancy and childhood - the changing body, giving birth, cravings, toys, and deeply personal and nostalgic memories from both designers' childhoods.

Collaborating with various partners and artisans across borders, the collection investigates the natural processes related to pregnancy alongside the artificial advances we use in modern society to create a personal story - one of fantasy, exploration and visual communication.

Photographer: Eunice Driver. Models: Courtesy of SA Fashion Week. Hats: In Collaboration with Crystal Birch