(1) intentionally ridiculous or bizarre behaviour or character (2) the belief that human beings exist in a purposeless, chaotic universe.


'Absurdism" is a collection inspired by the Theatre of the Absurd, a play movement from the late 1950s. The movement explored ideas of existentialism, where logical thinking was replaced with illogical and irrational reasoning. These play typically followed a loop, where the performance would start and end with the same scene.

In many ways this movement can act as a metaphor for our current experiences. To many of us, 2020 and 2021 have been like one big absurdist production: irrational, illogical and a constant loop of Covid statistics and isolated lockdowns. However, it seems like we might just be reaching the final act of the play, preparing for a new post-Covid life. 

This collection aims to create a wardrobe for where we are today and what we are moving towards, exploring pieces that can seamlessly transition into our post-Covid existence. Pieces that make us feel joy again. Pieces we want to wear outside of our homes as we prepare to start attending functions, enjoying nightlife, going on holidays and as we return to our places of work.

As always, we hope that this collection will bring every wearer joy and happiness as we prepare to enter the new and exciting post-pandemic era.


Photographer: Eunice Driver

Models: Suzan (FabulousDotCom Models), Glow Makati (Rage Models), Matachley Salmon (Boss Models), Candice More (ICE Models), Franca Le Roy (Boss Models), Vanessa Ngolo (ICE Models), Toni Bennett (Boss Models), Zoe Myburgh (Fanjam), Kelly Murphy (Boss Models), Ogunniyii Olubukola Adebola (ICE Models), George Pailman (My Friend Ned), Emy Ozori (Boss Models), Caley Nkosi (My Friend Ned)