'Escapism' is a collection inspired by our fascination and admiration of clothing to act as a vessel that can trasport us away from an often dark and boring reality. A vessel that can conjure up feelings of joy and fantasy along the way. The last few months many personal conversations have come to revolve around dreams of a life post-covid. People envisioning what they will wear, where they will go and who they will be spending more time with. 'Escapism' thinks about this dream, but also encourages us to make it happen now.

The collection comprises of many familiar staple wardrobe pieces and categories we all love. White shirts, tailored trousers and blazers for the office. Sweeping resort dresses alongside short party dresses. Comfortable loungewear, casual t-shirts and tailored formalwear. Pieces we all know and have taken for granted that now symolize everything we have come to long for and wish to do again.

The collection takes all these pieces and recontextualizes them in escapist versions of themselves, making the clothes experiential, elevating staples to a level of fantasy. A fantasy that recalls everything we miss while encompassing everything we look forward to. We adore clothing for its emotional pull and we hope that this collection brings everyone joy, creating a utopian experience for every person who wears the pieces.