(1) a condition or system in which two or more states, groups, principles, sources of authority, etc., coexist.

(2) a theory or system that recognises more than one ultimate principle.

'PLURALISM' is a collection that aims to celebrate the unique multiplicity of individual identity. A philosophy which explains that the world is not made up of one singular truth, but rather a myriad of truths that come together to create a whole. Similarly, we as individuals cannot be described using a set of singular attributes, but we are rather made up of various influences that get pasted together to create our unique selves. No one person is alike, as we keep changing, keep evolving and keep adapting to occurrences and influences that cross our path, we are shaped and moulded into unique, unreproducible characters. Nowhere is this more relevant than in South Africa, where a vast array of cultures, languages, histories and religions are at play, creating a melting pot of influences for individual exploration and identity formation.

The collection aims to explore the idea of multiplicity by creating multifaceted garments, which can be adapted and interchanged to uniquely suit each wearer's individuality. The collection features different accessories and detachable details, which can be interchanged to create different looks. It also features an exclusive print, inspired by individual cell and DNA formation, as well as earrings, encasing fragments of the collection, reminiscent of the DNA samples used for microscopic laboratory testing.

Ultimately, the collection aims to spark joy and excitement in the ritual of dressing, allowing wearers to fully explore their multifaceted personalities within the collection, underlining the importance of self-expression and complex individuality.

Photographer: Eunice Driver. Models: Anyon Asola, Mariska Pretorius, Kirsten Callan Khan, Kate Derbyshire, Vanessa Kilem, Faith Johnson, Erin Heart