(1) the acceptance of artistic beauty and taste as a fundamental standard, ethical and other standards being secondary.

(2) an exaggerated devotion to art, music, or poetry, with indifference to practical matters.

(3) a late Victorian movement in British and American art characterized by a dedicatedly eclectic search for beauty and by an interest in old English, Japanese, and classical art.

Inspired by our human obsession with all things beauty and visual, ‘AESTHETICISM’ aims to explore and celebrate the concept of vanity and all its synthetic and natural manifestations. It places vanity not as a negative, but rather as a positive and integral part of our self-confidence and individual expression.

The collection references objects associated with narcissism, cosmetic procedures, body modification, medical equipment and uniforms, as well as natural skin conditions to investigate the various ways in which vanity can be observed. Ultimately, the collection aims not to deliver an opinion on vanity, but rather celebrate it in all its forms. It compels all its wearers to embrace their personal vanity, whether that be through artifice, nature or both.

The range consists of a striking colour palette, experimental details, playful proportions and bold silhouettes across an array of garments which can be styled alongside any existing closet. It features a signature print, roller printed in South Africa using eco-inks, as well as a custom 100% cotton knit, designed in-house and knitted into individual panels in Cape Town, South Africa.

Photographer: Eunice Driver. Models: Caley Nkosi, Mareva Msambo, Mogaldi Leso, Danielle Von Graszouw, Sankie Silinda, Lesego Moselakgomo, Emmanuella Fourha, Lebo Otukile, Tulie Tanda, Calista Clark, Franca Le Roy, Constance More