MORPHISM | 22/23



(1) a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.

'MORPHISM' is a collection inspired by the relationships we each have with our physical selves, aiming to re-interpret the way we look at, and feel about, our bodies.

The collection takes inspiration from various curved and circular forms, made both artificially by humans and organically by nature. It takes these forms and places it in the context of the body via the closest thing we have to our bodies: clothing. By placing shapes and details in playful proportions on unconventional parts of garments, the collection draws our attention to often unappreciated, hidden or overlooked parts of our bodies. This compels us to reconsider our ingrained ideas around beauty and the ideal, inspiring us to celebrate all parts of our bodies.

The collection features saturated colours, experimental silhouettes and our signature play on proportion. This is combined with a custom print, printed with eco-inks, using archival tin rollers from a printing house in Cape Town, South Africa. All of this hand-picked to create a sense of celebration and optimism, with a diverse selection of garments catering for all occasions.

The collection has shown both locally at SA Fashion Week and internationally in Paris, where it was selected as the winning collection of Share Africa’s Africa Fashion UP programme 2022, selected by a prestigious jury of sponsors including Balenciaga, Galeries Lafayette, Sisley, Leridon Collection, Binance, HEC, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair and Azu Nwagbogu.

As always, we aim to create pieces that take a spirited approach to South African luxury. We hope that everyone who wears garments from the range will get to experience the same joy with which we conceptualised and made its pieces.

Photographer: Eunice Driver. Models: Thapelo Mofokeng, Omo Williams, Matachley Salmon, Adriana Hyzopska, Danielle von Graszouw, Mareva Msambo, Constace More, Lesego Moselakgomo, Shaelyn Khan, Michalina Wojciechowska, Maureen Mbangiwa, Caley Nkosi