(1) the belief that the world can be made better by human effort.

‘MELIORISM’ is a collection based on a philosophy that believes that the world can be made better through human effort. A statement which, for us, has come to define our South African endurance during 2020. The collection is inspired by a lot of the thoughts and feelings we have all had during this year. It draws inspiration from the small moments of joy we have all come to long for. It looks at adaptability, signified through events that have changed, such as weddings and funerals and investigates the future of a post-covid fashion landscape fuelled by the rise of loungewear and comfort-dressing.

The collection ultimately aims to spark some joy in a world, that to many, seem so colourless right now. It reminds of childlike innocence and happiness, using custom designed prints (printed locally) and shapes reminiscent of crayon drawings, together with colours that seem so at odds with our current experiences. We believe that the world always has, and still always will, only be made better through human effort. Made better by uplifting and creating joy. We hope that this is exactly what this collection will do. Using clothing to capture a vibrant spirit is what we do, and we hope that this collection can evoke some happiness in a world that really could use a few smiles right now.

Photographer: Eunice Driver. Models: Glow Makatsi, Oghene Okumagba, Lethabo Sara, Lebo Otukile, Mo Mnisi, Karmen van Rensburg, Rhulani Kubayi, Jite Okotie, Caley Nkosi, Emy Ozori, Yuri George Pailman, Deidre Engelbrecht, Kelly Murphy, Shante Gainsford, Llewellyn Mnguni