(1) an ethical system that evaluated the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good or aim in life

(2) the pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principal


This collection is inspired by the concept of hedonism, a philosophy which states that all things in life should be done in the pursuit maximum pleasure.  

The concept of hedonism has made it’s appearance during various eras in history, including the Renaissance period during which people had excessive and flamboyant tastes and the 1980s and 1990s during which the economic boom of the bull market meant excessive spending. 

During the modern era, however, a bad economy has become the norm, meaning that consumers have less and less to spend on material items. Due to this economic decline, millennials have become the DIY-generation, using cost saving initiatives in order to realise a lesser form of their flamboyant tastes.

Taking this into consideration, this collection aims to create a conceptualised version of what modern society were to look like if hedonistic forms of expression were the norm in our present era. Taking a post-modernistic approach to design this collection takes inspiration from the hedonistic styles of the Renaissance and the 1980s and 1990s and re-imagines it within a contemporary context, including DIY or artisanal techniques befitting the modern economy and consumer. The collection materialises in a deliberately kitsch and excessive manner in order to express ideas around the modern economy, human materiality and excessive or obnoxious tastes.


Photographer: Aart Verrips

Model: Siobhan King at Boss Models

Stylists: Kyle Boshoff & Jacques Bam

Hair & Make Up Artist: Orli Oh Meri

Assistant: Darius Dirker