The BAM Collective is a South African womenswear brand that specialises in taking alternative, spirited approaches to luxury fashion. Focussing on its birthplace, the brand takes inspiration from contemporary South Africans, aiming to capture the unique energy and spirit they possess. Basing its collections around philosophies that capture this energy, the brand observes contemporary youth culture and societal landscapes in a way that express an optimistic and collective unity, creating a sense of the ultimate South African utopia. The brand ultimately aims to spark joy and excitement, creating clothes for boundary-pushing South African women that can be uniquely their own, re-imagining the value of clothes and the commercial boundaries they hold.


Our studio, based in Centurion, focusses on taking an ethical and responsible approach to production. The studio considers the impact it has across all levels. From carefully selecting fabrics, to running the business using recycled paper and repurposing off-cuts, the brand aims to minimise it's impact on the environment. The brand also aims to create a healthy environment for it's employees, focussing on skills development and recognition, where the name of each employee responsible for the production of a specific garment can be found printed on the care label of each garment. The studio completely repurposes all of it's off-cutts into unique limited edition once-off pieces and offers free repair services to each customer who purchases a garment, focussing on ensuring that each garment can be worn for years to come.