The BAM Collective is a South African luxury brand that specialises in taking alternative, spirited approaches to fashion. Focussing on its birthplace, the brand takes inspiration from contemporary South Africans, aiming to capture the unique spirit and boldness they possess. Basing its collections around philosophies that capture this spiritedness, the brand observes contemporary youth culture and societal landscapes in a way that express an optimistic and collective unity. Creating the ultimate South African utopia, based around happiness, acceptance and celebration of all. The brand ultimately aims to spark joy and excitement, creating clothes for boundary-pushing South Africans that can uniquely be their own, re-imagining the value of clothes and the commercial boundaries they hold.


Each collection is based around a philosophy that speaks to our observations of South African individuals. Thoughts, conversations and observations all collide to create collections that capture the vibrant South African spirit. Our collections are fun, bold, colourful and energetic, with the ultimate aim to spark joy and excitement in the ritual of dressing. We release one overarching collection a year, with seasonal drops throughout. Each collection can be identified by its signature print, which is designed in-house and printed locally. Each season we use this signature print on the label of each garment we make, forever binding the garment to its history and the time / season within which it was created. 


Designing since the age of 9, Jacques Bam has always known that he wanted to be a part of the fashion industry. Enrolling to study at LISOF during 2015, Jacques started working as an assistant stylist to Kyle Boshoff, with work featured in various online editorial publications. He went on to complete his degree cum laude during 2017, with his graduate collection entitled ‘Hedonism’, placing as a finalist for best graduate collection.  The collection went on to be  shown at the Design Indaba Simulcast during 2018. The same year Jacques collaborated with Ford for the Ford Figo ‘Ka Mzolo’ music video and campaign, a project which brought together rising talents from various creative industries to star alongside their work and the new Ford Figo. During 2018 Jacques also went on to complete his Honours degree, cum laude, interning with acclaimed costume designer Pierre Viennings. The same year Jacques was also selected as the winner of the SA Fashion Week student design competition. Jacques has also collaborated with Mr. Price on a limited edition capsule range entitled ‘BAM x MRP’ which launched in April 2019, selling in selected stores and online across South Africa. During 2019 Jacques worked for established South African brands ERRE and Isabel De Villiers, opportunities which both proved instrumental in his understanding of the business around fashion. Last year, Jacques was selected as a finalist for the SA Fashion Week New Talent search, showcasing his collection entitled ‘Pluralism’, at SAFW AW20. Jacques has since also shown the collection at Mozambique Fashion Week, during December 2019. His new collection ‘Meliorism’ launched October 2020 at the first trans-seasonal digital SA Fashion Week showcase. 




Our studio is located in centurion, South Africa. A small studio where creativity and craft is at the center of everything we do. We love making clothes, and create all of our products in-house from start to finish (TIP - if you want to know which person in our studio made your garment, search for their name on the care label inside of your garment). We use the space to design, make patterns and construct all of our clothing investigating and experimenting with various crafting techniques such as beading, embroidery and silkscreen printing.


Our studio continuously aims to reduce fashion’s impact both socially and environmentally by prioritizing ethical production and zero-waste design practices. We don’t believe in buying more, but buying better. Producing in-house means that we are able to ethically do so, taking time to create quality products, while always knowing how and where are garments come from and where they are going. We avoid mass-production, rather producing per order to decrease wastefulness and over-production. We also prioritize zero waste design practices. Designing digitally, using recycled pattern paper and saving all of our fabric scraps and samples to periodically create upcycled pieces, all form part of our commitment towards fully becoming a zero-waste studio.


Our brand is all about people! We love interacting with the people around us to build a brand that they can resonate with. We want each of our products to be perfect for each person who buys it. In-line with this we have developed a customized size curve that suits our South African consumer. We offer customizations to each of our garments, working with our clients to adapt each garment’s sizing, lengths, fabrics, colours and design details to exactly suit their needs, should they desire any changes. We love designing alongside our customers, after all our brand is called “The BAM Collective” for a reason - where the term “The Collective” refers to each customer, supplier and industry professional that collectively elevates and builds our brand into the ethical powerhouse we hope it can become.