FAUVISM | 2022


(1) a style of painting with vivid expressionistic and non-naturalistic use of colour that flourished in Paris from 1905 and, although short-lived, had an important influence on subsequent artists, especially the German expressionists. Matisse was regarded as the movement's leading figure.

‘FAUVISM’ is a collection inspired by the Fauvist art movement from the early 1900's. An art movement which, in contrast to the Impressionist art movement, aimed to capture subjects through colourful, vivid artworks. The artworks aimed not to be realistic or naturalistic in nature, but rather emotional and expressive. These artworks often appeared unnatural, saturated and somewhat abstract, painting figures and settings in a way which explored the artists' emotional connection to the subjects of their paintings.

The collection takes inspiration from this stylistic art movement and aims to apply it to the body and clothing. The garments were designed emotionally instead of logically. They explore the impact of colour and silhouette in relation to the body, aiming to re-imagine the natural proportions of the body, accentuating certain parts, while completely ignoring others.

Each garment was designed to be its own standalone piece, yet wearable enough to be worn together, transitioning seamlessly into the wearer's closet, creating a wardrobe for any occasion and any season. 

Ultimately the collection aims to push the boundaries of commercial clothing and what it means in relation to our bodies, sparking confidence, freedom and happiness within each person who chooses to wear its pieces. We love how emotional the act of dressing can be and, as always, we hope that this collection brings joy to every person who sees and wears it.

Photographer: Eunice Driver. Models: Suzan, Ketia Kalala, Matachley Salmon, Macs Mcdougall, Sharon Osunde, Mo Mnisi, Lebo Otukile, Thabisa Dithakgwe , Palesa Lombard, Emma Roberts, Caley Nkosi, Marie Kone